Buy lenses-only for my own frame online

Recently I was kind of feeling a little discomfort with my eyeglasses. They were OK when I was looking at the object near me, such as reading a book or watching TV. But when I needed to look at something in the distance, for example the blackboard, I had to try really hard to recognize what’s on the blackboard. Sometimes even if I narrowed my eyes and extended my neck, I still could not see clearly what’s in the distance.

Then I had my eyesight tested. My optometrist told me that my prescription was stronger than before so my prescription glasses would not be good enough to correct my vision problem. He recommended me to buy a pair of new prescription glasses before my old glasses would cause some problems to my vision.

That’s true. I need a pair of new prescription glasses with my latest prescription strength and weight. But the problem is I did like my old frame of my glasses and I did not want to be part with it. It was a semi rimless black frame made of plastic, which went perfectly with my face and my eyes. Besides, it was in such a good condition just as new. Then I thought of , a professional online prescription glasses store from which I have bought glasses for several times. I asked one of the retailers online if I could buy only glass lenses for my frame. He told me that they provide service of selling lenses-only for my own frame once I can find a place to fix the lenses into my frame.

Great! That would be of real help. I gave them my frame type and other figures related, and also my latest prescription strength and weight. Then they advised me to choose plastic optical lenses for the sake of safety and the correction effect of eyesight. I took the advice for they are trustable according from my shopping experience from them. They did not force me to take the expensive lenses but offering suggestion based on my prescription, requirement and price expectation. I found that they were also holding promotions on many kinds of glasses duo to the coming of Christmas and you can get a pair prescription glasses with only $7.95. That’s incredible. So I ordered another pair of best-seller glasses for my brother.

Days later, I received my lenses and I had my frame and lenses assembled. They were a perfect match. And now I can see clearly whatever in the distance though my new lenses. So if you also want to order lenses-only for your own frame, go for, they will satisfy your needs.

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